2012-2015 Three-Year Action Plan


As of December 2011, the wait list for subsidized housing in Peel was 12,853 households, the longest waiting period for subsidized housing in Ontario. In 2011, the Region of Peel served over 14,000 households in emergency hostels, shelters for victims of family violence and transitional housing.


A sufficient supply of safe and affordable housing in Peel region.


  • Increased support and investment in affordable housing.


  • Support ongoing advocacy efforts to federal, provincial and municipal governments aimed at increasing the supply of affordable housing.
  • Raise awareness of residents and the community about the need for affordable and safe housing.
  • Provide input into the Region of Peel's long-term affordable housing strategy.

Provincial Indicators:

  • Housing Index

Peel Population Indicators:

  • Expenditure on housing as a percentage of income for households wherein any member has self-rated activity limitations in Peel.
  • Percentage of waitlisted families placed into subsidised housing in Peel.

Promising Local Practice:

Mississauga Farmer's Market The Mississauga Central Lions Club hosts an annual farmer's market. On Sundays, farmers donate surplus produce to local food banks including Eden Community Food Bank and Mount Zion Food Bank.

EcoSource's The Garden of the Valley The Garden of the Valley in Mississauga Valley Park was established in 2006 and was the first community garden created on public park land in Mississauga. The garden was created through a partnership between EcoSource, the City of Mississauga and Evergreen. The garden contains both members-based plots for rent to residents as well as habitat garden spaces and community learning plots where local youth assist with growing vegetables for food banks and shelters in the area. Due to its popularity, the garden has grown tremendously, more than doubling in size from just 20 plots in 2006 to 44 plots in 2012.