2012-2015 Three-Year Action Plan


Vision Statement

Peel region is a liveable community for all individuals and families.

Mission Statement

To create a Peel community where everyone works together to build a poverty free future.

Our Values

  • People-centred – individuals and families are at the centre of our work. We will ensure that all voices are heard and included in any decisions.
  • Participatory – we acknowledge that residents and private, public, and non-profit sectors have a role to play; we work collaboratively with all stakeholders to achieve positive sustainable results for the community. Our commitment is long-term.
  • Inclusive – we will raise awareness about how poverty affects individuals and groups differently, advocate for policies that address systemic barriers, accessibility and inequities.
  • Value added – We will build on the work and experiences of networks, collaboratives, organizations, and people with lived experience.
  • Accountable – We are accountable to the community to ensure our efforts result in positive changes.